martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Exámenes de ingles

1.- Completa la oración con la correcta forma de verbos.

wear/wore make/made type/typed am/was sell/sold drive/drove put/put

a) “I worked at a hotel. I _______ a gorilla  costume!”
b) “I worked as a cook. I _____ pizzas in a pizza parlor”
c) “I worked as a taxicab driver. I didn´t______ the cab, I rode it!”
d) “I worked in a office. I _____ letters”
e) “I worked as a lifeguard. I ____ on the beach all summer”
f) “I worked at a circus. I ____ snacks and drinks”

2.- Completa la oración con will o won´t

a) Women ___ make more money than men.
b) There ____ be a woman president.
c) There ____ not be as many poor people.
d) Most people ____ be able to travel in space.
e) People ____ not work too much and the they ____ have more time to do other things.

1.- a) wore, b) make, c) drove, d) tiped, put, e) am, f) sold.
2.- a) will, b) will, c) won´t, d) will, e) will, f) won´t, will

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