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Exámenes de ingles comprensión

1.- Pon las palabras en orden para formar una oración

a) The nails/in my room/are/right-hand drawer/in the top/of the desk/in the box.

b) The hammer/under the stair/on the top shelf/in the closet/on the right/is.

c) The glue/in my mother’s study/ of the desk/in the bottom drawer/in/is

d) The scissors/on the middle/are/the bathroom/on the left/shelf/ in the bedroom/next to

e) The toothpaste/Joanne’s room/next to/the sink/on the bottom shelf/under/is/in the bathroom

2.- Pon en las líneas las siguientes frases para que la oración tenga sentido

Press the timer button  set the time  put in the video cassette  select the channel

A: How do it do it?
B: Well first you __________.
A: Ok, the video cassette is in.
B: Then you __________.
A: Ok. Channel 16. Now what?
B: Well, now you __________.
A: Seven-thirty to eight-thirty. Is that it?
B: No. Finally you __________.
A: Done.
B: Well, that’s it. Now let’s go and play football.
A: Umm. Sorry. I can’t.
B: Why not?
A: There’s a fantastic program on the other channel.

3.- Escribe la pregunta y luego elige la respuesta correcta

1.- Who/Dolores del Rio?

a) She was a politician.
b) She was a scientist.
c) She was a singer and actor.

2.- Who/Pablo Picasso?

a) He was an actor.
b) He was a painter.
c) He was a writer.

3.- Who/Telly Savalas?

a) He was a an actor.
b) He was a painter.
c) He was a writer.

4.- Who/Benito Juárez an Lazaro Cárdenas?

a) They were actors.
b) They were presidents.
c) They were businessman.

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