miércoles, 24 de junio de 2015

Exámenes de ingles; cuentas en mercados

1.- Coloca la cantidad correcta en los espacios en blanco

a) A kilo of tomatoes is $1.20. ________ is 60¢.
b) Two dozen eggs are $240. ________ eggs is 60¢
c) ________ of orange juice is $1.20. Ten cartons are ________ dollars.
d) A carton of milk is ________. Five cartons are $5.
e) ________ of apples is $2. two kilos are $4.
f) A jar of coffee is $1.55. ________ are $3.10.

2.- Pon las siguientes frases en el lugar correcto del siguiente dialogo

blue ones  Eighty-five dollars!  Here you are.  How much  I’d like them.  Thanks.  Bye!  Yes, please.

a) Can I help you?
b) Yes, please. I’m looking for new tennis shoes.

a) Well, there are the black one or the ________
b) I prefer the blue ones. ________ are they?

a) Eighty-five dollars.
b) ________ That’s expensive.

a) Well, do you want them – or what?
b) Yes, please. ________

a) That’s eighty-five dollars.
b) ________

a) ________. Here’s five dollars change.
b) ________.

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